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UN report shows vegan diet contributes to climate change

A new report out today from the UN working group on climate change includes previously unknown data relating to methane emissions. It is well established that vegan food sources have a considerably lower carbon footprint than omnivorous diets. This is down to land, water and food requirements for cattle. Now the scientists have factored in […]


Scientists invent time travel to kill composer of Hava Nagila

A small team of scientists from the Technion (Institute of Technology) in Israel have invented time travel. The team conceived the project as a way of going back in time to kill Hitler. However, they decided a more pressing matter was to kill the composer of Hava Nagila before it was written. In 2014 Hava […]


Makers of BroigusApp to release ShpilkesApp

The makers of successful mobile phone application BroigusApp which is now being used by most of the worlds Jewish population have announced a companion app called ShpilkesApp. Founder of BroigusInc the company behind the apps told us “I’ve made so much money from the first one, but I still can’t afford a house in Tel […]


New app tracks which of your friends and family are broigus with you

This reviewer found the app very easy to use. I synced my phone contacts and Facebook friends with ease, I managed to block 34 people in moments. I especially enjoyed setting up my broigus anniversaries. For example, I set-up a notification that said: “On this day in 1996 Doniel Richjew had the Moskowitzes for Shabbos dinner and didn’t think to invite me”.


Climate change too depressing to solve says UN

The UN has published a new report on catastrophic climate change which claims that addressing the problem is just too depressing.  The document introduction says “We’ve gathered together over 500 peer-reviewed papers on climate change and included the latest news reports which suggest that humans are now ingesting more than 5 grams per week of […]

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