Corona vaccine causes autism, hair loss and a sore bottom say people who want to be first in line for the vaccine

The team behind the Oxford coronavirus vaccine today released data showing the efficacy and safety of their product which has completed phase II trials.

However, a new group called ‘vaccines for people who don’t believe in stupid conspiracy theories’ has warned that the new vaccine has many side effects, including making everyone hate you if you take it.

The group is purposefully spreading false rumours so that ‘sensible’ people will be the first ones to get the virus. The Daily Jews asked campaign manager Trudy Doodie if they were worried that being so honest would mean people didn’t believe the conspiracies they were putting out. “These people, we refer to as stupids, would rather believe any random conspiracy theory than facts, they don’t know how to check sources, so we’re totally fine”.

The pro-vaccine groups will be releasing dozens of youtube videos with fake doctors, epidemiologists and scientists. They’re also able to rely on real-life politicians to support their claims. “We make heavy use of clips of Donald Trump and other stupid world leaders to support our outlandish claims, for some reason, this seems to add even more credibility to our fake campaigns,” Doodie told us.

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