IDF prepares preemptive strike against Yachad HQ in Syria

Proposed annexation of Jordan Valley

Following extensive meetings with Mossad HQ in London aka the Board of Deputies, the IDF is preparing a preemptive strike against Yachad operatives in Syria.

“We’re fighting this proxy war run by the real enemy, Yachad UK, and we will hit targets anywhere necessary to protect Bibi, I mean the State of Israel,” An IDF spokesperson told the Daily Jews.

The apparent escalation came after almost 600 people Jews signed a letter addressed to the Board of Deputies asking them to condemn Israel’s planned annexation of parts of the West Bank. The West Bank is ‘occupied territory’ under international law that was captured by Israel in 1967 in a war that was either defensive or aggressive depending on which side you ask.

The Board of Deputies has made a covenant to never say a bad word against the state of Israel unless a future left-wing government is elected. The congress of Zyl ratified this pact in 2019, which included no deputies.

A poll of the UK Jewish community recently found that 96% of those questioned couldn’t care either way about this dispute.

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