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JFS pupils four times more likely to get laid than Hasmo pupils

A new study published by the IJPR this week has shown that JFS male students and alumni are four times more likely to get laid than their Hasmonean counterparts. The study was conducted over 12 years and involved interviews with over 2000 students and former students. Jewish sociologist Kevin Ben-Hagrid told the Daily Jews that […]

Public School

Gay school agrees to add religion to curriculum

Queer Manor, the upmarket public school for LGBTQ+ students, has announced they will reluctantly add religion to their curriculum. The announcement comes after a report released by the Independent Schools Inspectorate, called out the impact the lack of religious education may have on the pupils later in life. James McVities, Chief Executive of the ISI, […]


Zionist underground training camp uncovered in Kingsbury

An undercover reporter working for Al Jazeera has exposed an underground training camp in Kingsbury, North West London. The journalist Clayton Swisher previously worked on the famous Al Jazeera documentary, ‘The Lobby’, which proved that a cabal of Zionists controls the UK. He is working on a new documentary which will show how children as […]

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New Jewish school to teach controverial subjects

A new Jewish pluralist non-denominational school is to be setup in Hertfordshire in response to the lack of secular education in Chareidi (Ultra-orthodox schools). Josephine Cohen, the school’s founder and parent of three children is hoping to bring balance into education in the Jewish community. “We realised our next generation will not be taught about […]

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