BoD advising PM on taking confused immoral leadership stands


Reports have emerged this morning that Board of Deputies president, Marie van der Something has been coaching Boris Johnson over the Cummings Covid-19 debacle.

Mr Cummings is the senior advisor to Boris Johnson and masterminded his unlikely win over Jeremy Corbyn at the general election in 2019. He was recently caught breaking the lockdown rules he helped to create but is refusing he has done anything wrong.

The BoD has recently taken the strong moral stand of not taking a stand on Israel’s annexation of parts of the West Bank as a way of showing leadership.

However, Ms van der Something told the Daily Jews, not taking a stand is not always the best option. “When you have a stand you need to take, it’s important to think clearly each side of the issue and then take a stand by not taking a position which in reality is favouring one side. Clear?”.

Sources close to number 10 confirmed they had no idea what Ms van der Something was talking about, and therefore Mr Johnson will continue to stand-by Mr Cummings and get Covid-19 done, even if it means a no-deal Brexit.

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