Labour conference votes to let antisemitism fester for another year

As the Labour Party conference came to a close this year, delegates were involved in a robust debate on antisemitism. A motion was passed to, yet again, only partially address antisemitism in the party and to let it rot some more. The motion called on Labour to do little more on antisemitism. “Antisemitism is a […]


Jews 1000x more likely to face antisemitism

How to guide

How to be antisemitic and original

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Jeremy Corbyn releases leaflet on antisemitism with personal examples…

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Interview: Family describe how their £45k Sukkah connects them with nature

We sat down with the Rosenberg family from Hendon to discuss what the festival of Sukkot means to them. Daily Jews: Thanks for having us in your Sukkah, can you tell us how you built it Charles Rosenberg (father): You’re welcome, please have some chopped herring. As is traditional, we spent £45,000 on an extension […]

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Mourners gather to remember when Jewish Chronicle was good


Jews recover from Rosh Hashana hell


Jews 1000x more likely to face antisemitism

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JFS pupils four times more likely to get laid than Hasmo pupils

A new study published by the IJPR this week has shown that JFS male students and alumni are four times more likely to get laid than their Hasmonean counterparts. The study was conducted over 12 years and involved interviews with over 2000 students and former students. Jewish sociologist Kevin Ben-Hagrid told the Daily Jews that […]

Public School

Gay school agrees to add religion to curriculum


Zionist underground training camp uncovered in Kingsbury

High school classroom

New Jewish school to teach controverial subjects

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JW3 to check visitors halachic status

After having been attacked in a series of open letters from members of the Charedi community over hosting controversial events at JW3, the centre has announced a new initiative aimed at easing intra-communal tensions which would allow Charedim to use the centre.   As well as introducing compulsory separate seating for men and women at the […]

Haredi women dancing (example of the AI tech)

Hamodia to employ AI to allow photos of women (transformed into men) to be published in their newspaper


Reform chief vows movement will become ‘frummer’ than Masorti

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Shidduch Crisis is ‘fake news’ cries whistleblower

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