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Exclusive: PM Johnson using BroigusApp

The Daily Jews can exclusively reveal that Boris Johnson is using BroigusApp, furiously. He has added 21 recently fired Tory MP’s as well as his younger brother Jo to his Broigus list.  His watchlist for potential broigus includes a large number of his remaining remain supporting MP’s. A spokesperson for Broigus App told us “We’re […]


Local council votes to live in fantasy world

Hackney Council yesterday voted to live in a world where Boris is not PM. and everything is just fine and dandy. A statement from the council read: “Following several important town hall meetings; we decided as a council that the world is fucked. Some of the contributing factors to this being, the pending no-deal Brexit, […]


All no-deal Brexit experts “wrong” says Gove

Minister for Brexit clusterfucking, Michael Gove, today spoke to an exclusive audience of wealthy, fat, white men. He told them that all the experts who are predicting no-deal Brexit problems are wrong. Mr Gove was speaking at a special meeting of the Tory bastards club and wanted to assuage any worries they might have. He […]


Corbyn generously offers to become PM

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, last night offered to become PM to solve the Brexit crisis. The generous offer to replace the UK’s first clown Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, comes despite his repeated efforts to ensure this would never happen. Mr Corbyn has employed a dual strategy of allowing antisemitism to fester in his party and […]


Boris unveils plans to invade Scotland

Prime Minister Boris Johnson, has announced plans to ensure the United Kingdom stays united. With the prospect of a hard Brexit looking likely, the Scottish government is warning a new Scottish referendum could be triggered. Mr Johnson responded to possible calls for a new referendum by promising democracy will have its say. “There may need […]


PM launches ‘duck and cover’ hard Brexit ad campaign

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has announced a £100m advertising campaign to ready the country for a hard Brexit. The centrepiece of the campaign is an advert telling the country to ‘Duck and Cover’ in the event of a hard Brexit. The government will be running a series of drills whereby air-raid sirens are sounded […]


Teenage Boris fan delighted at ‘cool’ Tory new cabinet

Teenage Boris Johnson superfan, Tarquin Smith, has told friends this week that he is delighted at the new government cabinet that the PM has announced. Tarquin, who is 15 lives in Cambridge with his parents, Lord Terrance Johson Smith of Trailbend, a former fortune 100 CEO and Elizabeth Anne Beatrice Diana Smith. He says there […]


Boris offers £300m to anyone that disagrees with Brexit

In a bold manoeuvre designed to shore up support for his Brexit policies, Prime Minister Boris Johnson has announced a new initiative. The Prime Minister says he will be offering £300m to any group that doesn’t agree with him. So far Mr Johnson has offered the city of Liverpool and Scotland £300m each to keep […]

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Jeremy Corbyn releases leaflet on antisemitism with personal examples…

Embattled Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, this weekend emailed Labour members with a new five-page leaflet on antisemitism which only took his team four years to write. In an email linking to the leaflet, Mr Corbyn tells party members “there’s no place for antisemitism in our movement”…  going on to list the various Labour allied groups […]


Corbyn to be recognised as an ethnic minority

Following the hatchet job by the Zionist controlled BBC mainstream media Rothschild network, Corbyn aides are looking for new ways to protect the embattle leader against attack from his political Zionist enemies.  The first stage will be to declare that Jeremy Corbyn is himself an ethnic minority. Following this, any criticism of him will be […]

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