Poll: 60% of Israelis now antisemitic

Antisemitic Israeli Jewish protestors

(image of Jew haters protesting in Israel)

Guest post by Rosalind Oak

A recent poll reported in the Jew-hating newspaper, the Jerusalem Post, showed that 60% of Israelis think the current legislation passing through the Knesset, designed to reduce the power of the woke left in Israel, could lead to violence. Further polls have shown that most Israelis are against the legislation in its current form.

It’s sad that 75 years after her founding, Israel is now occupied by Jew-haters who just want to destroy the state and un-democratically preserve democracy.

This can’t stand. It’s up to the diaspora to speak up for the persecuted settlers and their supporters in the Haredi community to ensure these self-hating Jews do not win the day.

I, therefore, am delighted to announce that ZKWUK (Zionist Keyboard Warriors UK) has been formed with a view to increasing the number of letters to the JC in an effort to fight back. Stay tuned to the Daily Jews, the only reliable source for pro-Israel news on the antisemitic interweb, for new initiatives we are planning in the coming weeks.

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