Daily Jews to launch rival to 40 under 40

The Daily Jews are pleased to announce it’s launching a much less ageist version of 40 under 40, entitled ‘Worst Jews’.

‘Worst Jews’ will list the top 40 awful people currently active in the Jewish community. We’re currently taking nominations with early nominees being:

  • Stephen Bollard, especially since the JC was ‘rescued’
  • Grant Shapps, for not being able to grow a proper Jewfro
  • Jon Lansman, he couldn’t even hold a job down in a company he owns
  • Marie van der Camp, for lacking any moral fibre on Israeli annexation and token woman in charge
  • Benny Gantz, international favourite

The final 40 will be decided by a panel of expert self-hating Jews including Jackie Walker, Melanie Philips, and Elder of Zion and Bibi Netanyahu.

Please send in your nominations to 


  1. You can not nominate your own family members
  2. Anyone self-identifying as a Jew or who you think might be a Jew qualifies
  3. Maximum of 200 nominations per person, this will be strictly enforced

The winners will be published on erev Yom Kippur.

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