Cable Street descendants immune from racism and being bonkers

Piers Corbyn arrested for being a nutter

Following the arrest this weekend of conspiracy nut and Piers Corbyn, brother of former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, the Institute for Baseless Studies (or IBS) has released its long-awaited report on the descendants of people who fought the fascists at Cable Street.

The Battle Cable Street was fought in the east end of London by a coalition of Jews, Communists and others who stood up to British Fascist Moselys street army. It took place on Sunday, 4 October 1936.

According to Jeremy Corbyn, his mother was the hero of cable street as she single-handedly took out 50 black shirts (fascists) with her handbag in one hand, holding a pint of bitter in the other while singing the Internationale.

The new report by the IBS concludes that anyone who is directly descended from someone at Cable Street is entirely immune from either racism or conspiracy theory-ism.

The report recommends that those accusing descendant of the Battle of Cable Street of anything are either Red Tories or just stupid because they don’t understand how 5g is causing coronavirus.

Critics of the report suggest that the IBS can cause people serious bowel problems and should thus be avoided.

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