Covid19: Highgate man distraught he has to shop in Tesco

A man from Highgate, who has asked not to be named for fear of retribution by his neighbours, has spoken of the pain he has felt in having to shop in Tesco due to the pandemic.

The man told us he has been shopping at Waitrose and Marks and Spencer for his groceries for the past 30-years, but neither business has been able to provide him with delivery slots since the Covid-19 lockdown began.

Here he tells us his story. Please be aware that it contains disturbing imagery.

“I tried, I really tried. Day after day, I would refresh my web browser, but alas I just couldn’t get any delivery slots from M&S or Waitrose. My family were down to their last bottle of Elderflower Cordial and had only three pre-roasted M&S chickens left in the freezer so I knew I would have to take some decisive action.

It was at this point I had to have a sit down with my wife and 2.4 children, even our dog William was involved. I told the family of the news. After the crying was over, there was a real acceptance of our dire situation. I went into my private study to open up the website, thus avoiding my children having to see me lower myself to this level.

Thankfully Tesco’s have started to provide 3 am delivery slots for families who are vulnerable (to humiliation) like us.

Our first delivery was two weeks ago. Since then, the children are adapting to eating common brands like Heinz and Kelloggs, but my wife has barely eaten anything in weeks. The only consolation is that she will look good when we’re able to get back to the golf club.”

The Daily Jews are aware that people like this are suffering all over the country. Please stay safe out there.

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    • Paul
    • May 4, 2020

    I know who this is. Really!

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