Readers coronavirus worries

We asked our readers to write in with their biggest worry about Coronavirus. Here’s what they said:

  1. Serena from South Ken: I’ll run out of Netflix tv series to binge, then how will I chill?
  2. Delia from Camberwell: What if toilet paper isn’t edible after all? 
  3. Tarquin from Chelsea: The Captain of my private yacht could get ill, then what will I do?
  4. Brian from Dalston: I’ve heard shooting heroin into your penis is an effective vaccine, but I’m too scared to try it
  5. Dave from Southend: Does this mean I have to stop smoking?
  6. Sarah, Jane, Dominique & Greta all said: I might get quarantined with my husband
  7. Warren from Finsbury Park: If Arteta dies, we’ll probably get another shit manager
  8. Rita from Glastonbury: I don’t have the right crystal to heal me
  9. Tony the Tory from Croydon: Brexit might not happen
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