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Panorama programme is ‘hatchet job’ say thousands who haven’t seen it.

Thousands of Jeremy Corbyn supporters today branded the as yet unaired Panorama programme on Labour antisemitism a ‘hatchet job’ this morning. Corbyn supporters were confident that the programme would be full of lies and smears as Jeremy Corbyn doesn’t have an antisemitic bone in his body and the party has, in fact, no problems with […]


Chris Williamson learning the Hokey Cokey for next series of Strictly Come Dancing

Labour MP Chris Williamson was today referred to another Labour disciplinary committee after the NEC decided it could not overturn his current suspension.  The Daily Jews has learned that this entire saga is actually part of a rehearsal process for next years series of Strictly Come Dancing. “Having been suspended and readmitted, I got to […]


Katie Hopkins feeling ‘dirty’ shaking hands with a Jew

Katie Hopkins returned from Israel this week where she screened her new movie ‘I hate Muslims more than I hate Jews’ to an audience in Jerusalem.  Upon returning she was reportedly devastated to learn that the non-Muslim Israeli’s she met were Jews. She told a confidant “Look the Jews are not as bad as the […]


Black Magicians for Corbyn forms to attack mainstream Witch narrative

Guest reporter: Satan Rothschild In response to the recent criticism of Labour Against the Witch Hunt by the Witches Union (see our previous report), Witch activist group Black Magicians for Corbyn has released a statement saying, “The Witches Union does not speak for all witches. The Witch community is a broad church, well, not a […]


Jeremy Corbyn appoints Jackie Walker as Rabbinic advisor

In the wake of Labours latest antisemitism scandal relating to Jew-baiter, Chris Williamson being handed back the whip, party Leader Jeremy Corbyn has announced he is cracking down on antisemitism by appointing Jackie Walker as Rabbinic advisor to the party. Ms Walker was recently conferred with Rabbinic ordination by a Jewish ‘court’ made up of […]


Labour demonstrates zero tolerance policy on racism by readmitting antisemite

The Labour party today issued a strong statement against antisemitism in the party by readmitting one of its most high profile antisemitic MP’s. Chris Williamson who had been suspended for antisemitic comments was today un-mercilessly readmitted to the party and will now have to take the Labour whip as punishment. A Labour spokesperson said “An […]


Witches Union to sue ‘Labour against the Witchhunt’

500 years after hiding away due to humanities hatred of them, the ancient order of the Nottingham Witches and Warlocks union (NWWU) has made itself known to the world again.  This in response to a continued campaign by the group ‘Labour against the Witchhunt (LAW)’ which claims antisemitism in the Labour party is made up […]


Labour expels holocaust denier David Irving 17 years after suspending him on antisemitism grounds

Labour party chairman Ian Lavery has hailed the National Executive Committee’s decision to swiftly expel David Irving from the Labour party only 17 years after having first suspended him for Holocaust denial.  Mr Lavery who is MP for Wansbeck and a key ally of party leader Jeremy Corbyn has issued a statement saying “I’m extremely […]


Labour MP ‘never meant to upset Jews, was just trying to get on the side of our antisemitic voters’

The newly elected Labour MP for Stratified East, Kathleen Mardy has apologised for her string of antisemitic comments during her election campaign. In a letter to Jewish leaders Mrs Mardy, who previously worked for Amnesty International explained that no offence was meant “When I said Jews where Christ killers and Palestine is the new Christ, […]


Malaysian Prime Minister ‘some of my best friends are Jewish’

Speaking at a Cambridge Union event this week, the Malaysian Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad, confirmed to a packed audience that he can’t, in fact, be antisemitic because some of his best friends are Jewish. The Prime Minister went on to say ‘saying Jews have hooked noses and are inherently good with money is not […]

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