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corbyn and starmer at war

War: Corbyn releases first hostage

Jeremy Corbyn has agreed to give up one of his hostages after being readmitted into the Labour party. However, he has told a press conference tonight that he will be holding on to the second hostage until he has the whip restored. Mr Corbyn, who was recently suspended from the Labour party after undermining its […]


Antisemitic character cancelled by Sesame Street

Disney Studios this week have confirmed that following a petition signed by 1.7m people, The Count from Sesame Street has been cancelled and all episodes with him in will be deleted from the Disney catalogue. The petition was created by Trevor Mild, a middle class 30-year-old white man from Portland Oregon who we spoke to […]

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No antisemitism in Labour party say antisemitic Labour members

The Jewish community in the UK breathed a huge sigh of relief as a survey of Labour members who are antisemitic has shown that none of them has seen antisemitism in the Labour party. Marie Van Dam, the President of the Board of Deputies, who represent 1% of British Jews according to the same survey, […]


Polling company accused of “pro-Jewish” bias

Polling company Ipsos-Mori is being accused of being too pro-Jewish. The claim made by the Federation of Antisemites Sadistic Cunts Islamophobes Sociopaths and Theatre-critics or FASCIST is that Ipsos-Mori is, in fact, a man called Morris Ipsosovich who lives in North Hackney. The FASCIST group went on to say that Mr Ipsosovich was good at […]


Jewish Chronicle predicts apocalypse if Labour wins election

This Jewish Chronicle (the official sanctioned mouthpiece of the UK Jewish community), has published an editorial warning that the final apocalypse of God will be happening 12 December unless everyone in the UK votes for the Conservative party. “God is angry with the Goyim” the editorial claimed. “Only Boris is the true Messiah who can […]


Chris Williamson to stand for Tories after Labour ban

Suspended Labour MP Chris Williamson has announced he will be standing as a Conservative MP after being barred by the party NEC from standing for Labour. The Labour national executive will not allow a suspended MP to stand for office. Mr Williamson was suspended (twice) after repeatedly baiting the Jewish community and defending antisemites. Mr […]

FILE PHOTO: Britain's Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn learning to gesticulate like a Jew.

Corbyn learning Yiddish to lure Jewish voters

Reports leaked from a closed-door meeting between the Labour leadership and the Board of Deputies suggest Jeremy Corbyn has been learning Yiddish in a bid to repair relationships with the Jewish community. Mr Corbyn met with Board of Deputies Chair, Marie Van Damme this week during which he reportedly told Mrs Van Damme of his […]


Labour conference votes to let antisemitism fester for another year

As the Labour Party conference came to a close this year, delegates were involved in a robust debate on antisemitism. A motion was passed to, yet again, only partially address antisemitism in the party and to let it rot some more. The motion called on Labour to do little more on antisemitism. “Antisemitism is a […]


Jews 1000x more likely to face antisemitism

A new report from CST (the Community Security Trust) has found shocking evidence that Jews are considerably more likely to be at the receiving end of antisemitism than non-Jews. Research conducted over five years shows that a Jew is 1000x more likely to receive antisemitism than a non-Jew. “This shocking revelation shows once again how […]

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How to be antisemitic and original

Here at The Daily Jews HQ in Fleet Street, Hendon, we’re tired of the same old boring antisemitism that gets bandied around. After a couple of thousand years, you’d think the goyim would come up with some better insults? Yes we have a big nosesYes we’re all wealthyYes we control the worldYes we eat Christian […]

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