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Bochrim decry ‘anticlimactic’ Daf Yomi ending

After seven seasons of Daf Yomi, streamed all over the web, thousands of avid followers of the series have been left disappointed with the ending of the Talmud. Daily Jews visited the Siyum Hashas fan convention in New York last week and spoke to fans about their experiences. Noson ben Noson from Delaware has been […]


Winners of the Jewish emoticon awards 2019 annouced

The annual Jewish emoticon awards were held last night and sponsored by the JLC, BoD, Jewish Chronicle and Ken Livingstone’s ‘don’t mention Hitler’ foundation. The Jewmoji’s, as they are affectionately known, brings the community together each year. It’s the only Jewish event that brings all denominations and political opponents together. This year Stephen Pollard could […]


Jewish Chronicles success due to ‘hysteria & fearmongering’ report says

A leaked report from The Daily Jews research department has shown that the online publication is way behind its competitors such as the Jewish Chronicle and the Jewish News. Analysis has shown that the Jewish Chronicle is 1000% more hysterical and 850% more fear-mongering in its articles which explains why it leads the Daily Jews […]


Jewish Chronicle predicts apocalypse if Labour wins election

This Jewish Chronicle (the official sanctioned mouthpiece of the UK Jewish community), has published an editorial warning that the final apocalypse of God will be happening 12 December unless everyone in the UK votes for the Conservative party. “God is angry with the Goyim” the editorial claimed. “Only Boris is the true Messiah who can […]

FILE PHOTO: Britain's Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn learning to gesticulate like a Jew.

Corbyn learning Yiddish to lure Jewish voters

Reports leaked from a closed-door meeting between the Labour leadership and the Board of Deputies suggest Jeremy Corbyn has been learning Yiddish in a bid to repair relationships with the Jewish community. Mr Corbyn met with Board of Deputies Chair, Marie Van Damme this week during which he reportedly told Mrs Van Damme of his […]


Gerrer Rebbe: “Halloween is Jewish”

A top Chassidic Rebbe has declared Halloween a Jewish festival after discovering a Sefer (document) describing how Moshe Rabbeinu (Moses) would dress up as a Witch and scare local children when B’nai Yisrael (the children of Israel) was wandering the desert. The newly discovered tome shows how the younger children of Israel would ask for […]

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Local Jewish sports team delighted to have taken part

North West London Jewish sports team Maccabi Somethingorother has played a game this week. Manager and Head coach Asher Garfunklavich told the Daily Jews he was delighted his team had taken part. “They say it’s the taking part that counts, it’s true”, he told us.” The team are in a league with other teams who […]


Letter: Thank fuck it’s over – joy at end of Jewish festivals

Dear Editor, I’m a 67-year-old Jewish woman living in Bushy. I have two children and three grandchildren. I wish they would just fuck off now. It’s been weeks of Jewish festivals. I’ve made enough food to kill an army. At this point, if I see a roast chicken, I gag. I mean, who thought of […]


Frum Friday – Top 10 chumras from our readers

We asked our extra pious readers what they do to go above and beyond keeping Mitzvot: Yitzchok – North Hendon: On Shabbat, I don’t go to the toilet thus avoiding tearing toilet roll. I now have bowel cancer Mirriam – Stamford Hill: I walk around naked on Shabbat to ensure I don’t accidentally carry something […]


Interview: Family describe how their £45k Sukkah connects them with nature

We sat down with the Rosenberg family from Hendon to discuss what the festival of Sukkot means to them. Daily Jews: Thanks for having us in your Sukkah, can you tell us how you built it Charles Rosenberg (father): You’re welcome, please have some chopped herring. As is traditional, we spent £45,000 on an extension […]

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