Pornhub staff given ‘key worker’ status

As the lockdown continues to bite and the prospect of a complete reversal looking less likely this year, the UK government has issued new advice designating Pornhub staff, and it’s content creators ‘key worker’ status.

The upgraded status will mean that Pornhub staff and creators will be allowed to leave the house to do their job. Providing health and safety processes and equipment are put in place.

“We realise this kind of work often requires people to work in pairs or larger groups”. Government advisor Dick Bustyballs told the Daily Jews. He went on: “In this situation, we’re making black PVC PPE available so that these valued staff can be protected.”

Pornhub CEO, Lester Gold told us that NHS staff would be offered free premium accounts during the lockdown and all premium accounts will be sent a free box of tissues in the post.

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