New Smartwatch ensures you’re always fashionably late

A new smartwatch has been released by Frapple that claim to make geeks 10% ‘hipper’.

The watch which has a calendar feature has a variable clock on it which is never 100% right. Watch designer Gerhart Twohands told the Daily Jews that the concept is to confuse users into being late. “I used to set my watch and all my clocks back so I’d not be on time anywhere. The problem is that my brain would adjust over time. It started with 5-mins, then 10, eventually I would be setting my clock back 7-hours to ensure I would still be late. I realised I needed a more sophisticated algorithm. “

The watch will change its time-based on your arrival and your destination. It keeps adapting to ensure you’re always at least 15-30 mins late for parties but usually on time for work.

“We were going to create a feature that ensures you’re around 5-10mins late for a date, but we realised most of our target audience couldn’t get dates anyway.” Mr Twohands told us.

Daily Jews conducted some experiments with 10-test sent out to parties using the watch. We then asked attendees at these parties what they thought of the test group vs a control group who just had regular smartwatches. Our polled attendees perceived half the test group as marginally cooler, while the two dweebiest test users were still not noticed as having shown up at all.

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