Interview: My spirit animal wanted me to get rich – Part 1

Sparkles McMuffin (68), psychic healer to the rich and famous tells us about her gift and how the universe wants her to be stinking rich.

Daily Jews: When did you first realise you had ‘the gift’?

Sparkles: I was eight years old, and out shopping with my father. I tried to steal a shiny fake diamond ring from the store, but my father caught me. At that moment, I could sense that he was mad at me, and I just knew that he would beat me with his slipper when we got home. It was as if an angel had placed an image into my mind’s eye. I realised years later that it was my spirit animal, Serenity the Rat, who had transmitted those images. When we got home from the store, my father got his slipper out and beat me just as I had foreseen.

Daily Jews: So this was the first time he had hit you?

Sparkles: Well no, he hit every time I tried to shoplift. At the age of six, I was diagnosed with kleptomania. But this vision was real. Serenity, the Rat started communicating with me regularly from then on.

Daily Jews: When did you first start using your gift to help others?

Sparkles: I was 19, at college, Michigan state, and I needed money to help pay my way. Serenity, the Rat gave me my first super-vision. It’s bizarre because I received the vision the same day I tried acid for the first time!

I had just taken the tab of acid, and about 45 minutes later, I saw Serenity for the first time, I recognised her as a Rat right away. I followed her into the undergrowth, tripped and fell to the floor. I was dizzy, nauseous and thought I was dying. As I was losing consciousness, Serenity whispered to me ‘heal yourself’…

Hours later, I awoke and realised I must have healed myself as I no longer felt unwell.

The next day, my landlord told me he would evict me if I didn’t pay the three-months rent I owed him. It was then I realised that Serenity had given me this experience to teach me that I had to charge people to receive my gifts.

Daily Jews: Who was your first client, and how did you heal them?

Sparkles: Actually, it was my landlord. When he came round to demand his rent, I offered to heal the obvious pain I could see in his eyes as he desperately begged me for the money I owed him. At first, he insisted on being paid. When I told him all my healing work involved incense, sound baths and being naked, he accepted the offer. He left feeling transcendent and energised, and I didn’t have to pay my rent. It was great.

Daily Jews: OK, let’s skip forward a little in your career. How did you get to start making a living from your psychic abilities?

Sparkles: After college, I moved to New York City. I was renting a room in a real dive. At this point, I wasn’t making money from my gift, and I didn’t have a dime to my name. Then I kept seeing Serenity everywhere I went. She would appear in my apartment often, but when I tried to approach her, she would scuttle away. I realised what she was telling me. I needed to live in a better apartment.

Every time I went shopping at Macy’s or Bloomingdales, I would look at the luxury items, like $5000 bags and diamond earrings and then I would see Serenity out in the street afterwards. One day I saw 20 versions of her all at one time. She was all different shapes and sizes that rats usually come in. It was a powerful vision that I had down that dark and filthy alleyway. I realised then that my spirit guide rat wanted me to live in luxury and with a life full of abundance.

The next day I started advertising my physic healing services in local store windows and phone booths. I found that when I mentioned I worked naked, people began to pay for my services. Within three months I had my own apartment and a rental car.

In part two of the interview, we found out how Sparkles ended up in jail, married a Hollywood actor, overcame her crack habit and became the world-renowned psychic she is now.

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