Companies shocked to discover oligarchs are dodgy

Charities, arts organisations and many businesses across the UK were shocked this week to discover Russian oligarchs are dodgy.

Helsea Rugby Club has received millions of pounds from Remus Isaacovich over the past two decades, their president Grahame Cuntly told the Daily Jews how he heard the news. “Our previous due diligence showed that all the money coming from Mr Isaacovich was clean and not earned off the back of corruption and exploitation in his native Russia, suddenly this week we were alerted to the fact that we were entirely wrong.”

The Tale Gallery London has received large donations from several Russian oligarchs over the past thirty years, Chair of Trustees Gillian Snooty was also shocked to find out this has been dirty money. “We feel utterly let down by our advisors who had previously said it was all groovy” she told us while sitting in her state-of-the-art 1000sq meter private office with a plaque showing the names of her Russian donors hanging over her head. She went on to tell us that values matter: “The Tale Gallery will no longer take money from Russian oligarchs now that Russia has invaded Ukraine, we refuse to be the beneficiaries of suffering and misery when it’s so prominently in the news.”

The Daily Jews followed up with Miss Snooty to establish if any previous donations from the oligarchs is being returned, unfortunately, the Tale Galleries website, email and phones all stopped working suddenly so they were not able to answer.

Fans of Healse Rugy Club were worried about the viability of the club going forward now that funding from their Chairman has been halted. Mr Cuntly told us the club has alternative funding means: “we still have those clean Ukrainian oligarchs”.

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