Mentioning Israel increases antisemitism so shut up

AI representation of Jew defending Israel

Guest post by Daemon Solomon

I hesitate to write this article as I firmly believe that British Jews should never mention Israel in case it emboldens antisemitism.

However, the string of articles in the Jewish press recently criticising those who speak out against Israeli policies is harming both Israel and diaspora Jews. By mentioning these evil people who speak out against Israel’s new far-right government, they are giving airtime to the very ideas these Kapo Jews are trying to promote.

Gary Mond for example, is a man of high standing who I would normally not rebuke, but his article this week which scolded Jewish Leaders in the UK for speaking out of Israel actually gave a really good summary of how most Jewish leaders in the UK are criticising the current centrist Kahanist government. This in itself gives antisemites excellent ammunition to use against us as he is repeating all their arguments and pointing out their public rebukes making it easier for antisemites to read the originals.

As we know the antisemitic search algorithms will push these types of articles right into the hands of antisemites and it’s also well known that most Jewish News readers are already antisemitic, so why make it worse?

I was also very concerned to see the posters on Jewish News stands telling people to boycott the newspaper for being anti-Israel. This is basically an advert for antisemites to procure and read this antisemitic rag.

Finally, will people stop calling out the antisemitic Jew-hating Jewish News on the Jewish News facebook group, well-meaning far-right allies are increasing the social amplification of these Jew-hating articles and actually increasing the problem.

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