Covid19: Ministers told to curb their charisma in daily briefings

Downing Street advisors have warned the Prime Minister that the daily Covid-19 briefings presented by senior ministers may be too charismatic, according to a leak from Number 10.

The unnamed advisors are reportedly concerned that the public may be misled into thinking the government gives a shit about people, which could be why the Tories are slipping in the polls.

A spokesperson for the cabinet, Miss O Ginny, told the Daily Jews that this leak is entirely false. “We totally reject the idea that our senior ministers such as Hancock, Raab and Gove have an ounce of charisma between them. In any case, we’ve proven by our confused and sluggish response that we don’t give a shit. Action speak louder than words”.

A Labour spokesperson told the Daily Jews that rumours of the Cabinet having any personality are totally unfounded, “Even the scientific advisors have more charisma than Shapps, Patel and co” she told us.

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