5g causes Coronavirus

Experts on the internet have confirmed that 5g is the cause of the novel Coronavirus.

Researches around the world pooled their talents and, we’re able to prove that every time someone makes a phone call using 5g, an elderly person with underlying health conditions dies of Covid-19.

Dave Cullings from Portsmouth who works in a pub, was one of the lead experts on the project whose findings were published today in the National Enquirer magazine for peer review. He told us how he was able to apply himself to this project. “Basically, I got fired from the pub the other day. No one’s coming in because of Coronavirus. I thought I could use my spare time to prove the theory that’s been doing the rounds for weeks now that Coronavirus was caused by 5g.

I posted on some forums and found hundreds of other people who also had loads of free time, some of them are experts in the field of sandwich making and yoga teaching. So we really have a great team together. When you add all our IQ points together we’re at 120, so we’re bloody smart too.”

Not all internet experts are convinced of the findings. Susan Sherry from Stockport told us she couldn’t accept the conclusions of the report at face value. “The virus was obviously created by Chinese Jews funded by the CIA, Rothschilds and Soros. I guess the Jews could have created 5g to kill us all, but I can’t accept these findings without some significant amendments.

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