Daily Jews guide to US Election fake news.

With all the confusion around the US presidential election, allegations of voter fraud and fake news. We’ve created a handy guide for our readers to determine if a claim is fake or real.

  1. Was this claim made at a press conference outside a gardening store? If so, it was probably false
  2. Has the person who made this claim accepted the election result yet? If not the claim is probably false
  3. Does this person believe there were good people of both sides? If so, the claim is probably false
  4. Has this person recently been caught wanking in a hotel room with a hidden camera in it? If so, this claim is probably false
  5. Does this person have 17 chins and has a penchant for promoting unqualified layers as judges? If so, the claim is probably false
  6. Does this persons’ name sound like a city which was destroyed almost 2000 years ago by a volcano, making you wish he were there at the time? Is so, the claim was probably false

You’re welcome America

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