Bochrim decry ‘anticlimactic’ Daf Yomi ending

After seven seasons of Daf Yomi, streamed all over the web, thousands of avid followers of the series have been left disappointed with the ending of the Talmud.

Daily Jews visited the Siyum Hashas fan convention in New York last week and spoke to fans about their experiences.

Noson ben Noson from Delaware has been following Daf Yomi every day for seven years. He told us in the era of Game of Thrones. He was expecting a lot more. “Where were the dragons? Where was the epic fight? FFS, I spent years of my life on this shit and it just sort of ended with a whimper. They don’t even tell us if Rav Ashi and Rav Papa got it on in the end”.

Shlomy Yochnan flew in from Montreal for the convention. “The cosplay was great”, he told us. Nearly everyone dressed up in clothes that the amoriam would have worn, like black hats and bekeshes.”

“Bits of it were good, but I’m confused by the ending. I’m going to start binging it again to see what I missed.” Robbie Hermanovitz told us.

Miriam Fegibloom from the Alliance of Feminist Frummers told us she did a ‘Yentl’ to be able to attend the male-only Siyyum. “I dressed up like a man. After 15 mins I got a shidduch, and now I’m supposed to be marrying Rochela Shmultzberg in Queens next week, how do I get out of it?”

Yosef Mizrachi told us he was shocked by the content having never actually read the gemara before and not having real semicha. “The writers of the Talmud will get one million Auschwitz in gehenna with all the lack of tzniot, penis size competitions and sex talk that filled those filty (sic) pages.

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