Gay school agrees to add religion to curriculum

Public School

Queer Manor, the upmarket public school for LGBTQ+ students, has announced they will reluctantly add religion to their curriculum.

The announcement comes after a report released by the Independent Schools Inspectorate, called out the impact the lack of religious education may have on the pupils later in life.

James McVities, Chief Executive of the ISI, told the Daily Jews that he understood the reluctance of the school to teach immoral ideas. “The ISI fully appreciate that teaching religion is against the moral values of most people in society, but the law insists the school must comply”.

Kylie Steisand, Head Teacher of the school told us, “most world religions have too much hate, especially towards our community, so fuck them.

However, after the inspection, we’ve decided to educate our pupils about religion. We’ll be teaching: How to rate the level of fucked-upness in a religion. How to stop someone being religious through conversion therapy and 20 jokes about religion your parents won’t teach you.

We feel this should adequately prepare our students for the outside world.”

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