New Jewish school to teach controverial subjects

A new Jewish pluralist non-denominational school is to be setup in Hertfordshire in response to the lack of secular education in Chareidi (Ultra-orthodox schools).

Josephine Cohen, the school’s founder and parent of three children is hoping to bring balance into education in the Jewish community. “We realised our next generation will not be taught about important subjects like glbtq+ rights, other religions, sex education and bomb-making so we decided to go ahead and setup a new school with a more complete curriculum.”

In the hope of attracting religious families who are more open minded, half the day will be spent learning about Judaism, and the other half will be secular studies. A new subject called integration studies will teach these pupils about the value of diversity in society, democracy and how to create biological warfare.

The school will have separate classes for girls and boys however self-identifying trans/non-binary children will be able to attend either. The boys however as is traditional will be focussing more on crafts such as how to make meth whilst the girls would be baking challah.

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