‘Oscars’ to sue ‘Jews got Talent’ by Jewish care

Monty Meyerowitz, CEO of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (the awarding body behind the Oscars) has announced he is to sue Jewish care of their hosting of ‘Jews got Talent’ the final of which is this coming Sunday.

Meyerowitz told the Daily Jews that ‘Jews got Talent’ is the Oscars and therefore an infringement of their rights. “Holywood is Jews, the Oscars are Jewish, OK sometimes we give an award to a goy, but that’s just to keep them quiet” he told us.

He went on “if these Jews had any talent, they would be in Holywood, so there is a problem with the name. Maybe they should call it ‘nebachs on stage’?”

Jews got Talent will go ahead Sunday featuring Jewish talent who will never progress further than an appearance at Limmud.

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