Jewish Chronicle to merge with Daily Mail

After months of negotiations, the Jewish Chronicle has agreed to merge with the Daily Mail today.

The JC has been financially struggling for years despite being funded by the Elders of Zion and other Zionist world controlling groups. This merger would see the stabilisation of their finances and a new car for the editor, Stephen Pollocks.

Pollocks told the Daily Jews that the Daily Mail was a natural partner for the merger. “We considered merging with another Jewish newspaper, but there was no alignment with our values. The Daily Mail is pro-Zionist even if those Zionists are antisemitc. They also don’t like Muslims; they love Trump and Boris, so they fit our editorial policy well. In anticipation of the merger, we’ve been slowing changing our journalistic style to mirror (sic) The Daily Mail. Also, most of our readership already read The Daily Mail so will be used to the style and content”.

The Daily Jews were offered the chance to buy the Jewish Chronicle last year but declined after the editor of the Daily Jews could not stop vomiting over the idea.

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