Jewish Chronicles success due to ‘hysteria & fearmongering’ report says

A leaked report from The Daily Jews research department has shown that the online publication is way behind its competitors such as the Jewish Chronicle and the Jewish News.

Analysis has shown that the Jewish Chronicle is 1000% more hysterical and 850% more fear-mongering in its articles which explains why it leads the Daily Jews in income and readership.

The Jewish News is 300% more hysterical land 250% more fear-mongering than Daily Jews.

A spokesperson for the Daily Jews said it would be responding to this report by changing its editorial line.

Watch out for articles such as:

“Oh fuck we’re all going to die” – a piece on the ageing epidemic
“Everyone hates us let’s move to Israel now” – general election response
“Why we should just end it all now” – Op-ed on possible tax rises

Despite it’s leading position, the Jewish Chronicle made a loss of £1.5m in 2018, leading to a consortium from the Elders of Zion buying it out.

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