Labour conference votes to let antisemitism fester for another year

As the Labour Party conference came to a close this year, delegates were involved in a robust debate on antisemitism. A motion was passed to, yet again, only partially address antisemitism in the party and to let it rot some more.

The motion called on Labour to do little more on antisemitism. “Antisemitism is a scourge in society” the proposal read. It went on “However, there are so few antisemites in the labour party, it’s not really worth us doing that much more about it. Labour will react slowly to new cases and put out denials of things Jeremy did wrong when more shit is unearthed over the next year”.

Delegate Jane Commy from Derbyshire told the Daily Jews she wanted the antisemitism debate to mirror the Labour Parties Brexit policy. “I want our party to reach out to as many racists and anti-racists as possible, just as with Brexit. If we’re not entirely clear we’re likely to get more support.”

Barry Blowhard, a Lexit campaigner from Newcastle, told the Daily Jews he supports Palestine and until Palestine is free Labour need to maintain pressure on the Jews. “I’m not antisemitic, but the Jews are murdering Palestinians on a minute-by-minute basis, and it needs to stop”.

According to the Chair of Rotherham South CLP, Lauren Loon, the policy is widely supported across the electorate. “I ran a poll on my facebook feed, and 95% of my 200 friends (mostly from my local party) support the policy. If that isn’t statistical proof that this is a vote winner, I don’t know what is!”

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