Jews 1000x more likely to face antisemitism

A new report from CST (the Community Security Trust) has found shocking evidence that Jews are considerably more likely to be at the receiving end of antisemitism than non-Jews.

Research conducted over five years shows that a Jew is 1000x more likely to receive antisemitism than a non-Jew.

“This shocking revelation shows once again how much the world hates Jews”. A spokesperson for the CST told us. “It makes no sense to us that Jews should be the target for antisemitism any more than non-Jews.”

Gideon Vaulter from the Campaign against Antisemitism told us Jews are always singled out. “The data shows that apart from black Jews, black people receive almost no antisemitism. The same is true of Muslims, hardly any of them are the target of antisemitism, it’s always the Jews!”

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