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Interview: My spirit animal wanted me to get rich – Part 1

Sparkles McMuffin (68), psychic healer to the rich and famous tells us about her gift and how the universe wants her to be stinking rich. Daily Jews: When did you first realise you had ‘the gift’? Sparkles: I was eight years old, and out shopping with my father. I tried to steal a shiny fake […]


Pornhub staff given ‘key worker’ status

As the lockdown continues to bite and the prospect of a complete reversal looking less likely this year, the UK government has issued new advice designating Pornhub staff, and it’s content creators ‘key worker’ status. The upgraded status will mean that Pornhub staff and creators will be allowed to leave the house to do their […]


‘Oscars’ to sue ‘Jews got Talent’ by Jewish care

Monty Meyerowitz, CEO of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (the awarding body behind the Oscars) has announced he is to sue Jewish care of their hosting of ‘Jews got Talent’ the final of which is this coming Sunday. Meyerowitz told the Daily Jews that ‘Jews got Talent’ is the Oscars and therefore […]


New Star Trek series to be set in retirement home

Following the success of Star Trek: Picard, the new show streaming on CBS All Access and Amazon Prime. Executive Producer Alex Kurtzman has announced a new Star Trek show to air next year to be set in the dementia ward of a retirement home. Mr Kurtzman told The Daily Jews that the 94-year-old Jean Luc […]

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Star Wars: Rise of the Skywalker spoiler-free review for frummers

by Rav Shmuly Yankleberg Firstly, I have to say it’s totally asur min hashomoyim to watch this film. Having said that, I had to watch it to make sure the kehilla is properly warned about the danger to Klal Yisrael in it. I went to the cinema, but I was worried about maris eyin, so […]


Review: Micky Mouse tackles addiction in new Disney+ show

Disney has launched its new streaming service in the USA, Canada and New Zealand with a strong back catalogue of TV and film and original shows such as the Star Wars series ‘The Mandelarion’. Another new show is called ‘The Mouse’ and features a fat, middle-aged Mickey Mouse fighting a crack addiction. The live-action show […]


Top 10 things you didn’t care about celebrities you’ve vaguely heard of

Yeah! Here we go! Click here to give us more traffic!! You’re not going to believe these mad facts we have about people you don’t care about or have never heard of. Number 10: A celebrity is gay! Wow, that’s a shocker. It’s so important to know the sexual orientation of famous people!!! Number 9: […]


‘Who do you think you are’ reveals every famous person has Jewish ancestry

BBC Producers have confirmed that every famous person in the UK has Jewish ancestry. The revelation comes as ex-footballer and TOWIE star, Mark Wright, will find out his forebearers were Spanish Jews and torture victims of the inquisition. Executive producer of the show, Fern Tree, told the Daily Jews that the show has become predictable […]

Fiddler on the Roof 9

Mel Gibson to remake Fiddler on the Roof

Mel Gibson is to produce, direct and star in a remake of Fidler on the Roof. Despite his history of antisemitism, the actor is “definitely not antisemitic”, according to his agent. The remake will reimagine the story and set it in 1st Century Judea. Tevyah will be a local Jewish priest who sees Jesus as […]

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