‘Who do you think you are’ reveals every famous person has Jewish ancestry

BBC Producers have confirmed that every famous person in the UK has Jewish ancestry. The revelation comes as ex-footballer and TOWIE star, Mark Wright, will find out his forebearers were Spanish Jews and torture victims of the inquisition.

Executive producer of the show, Fern Tree, told the Daily Jews that the show has become predictable of the years. “Everyone we’ve ever researched is Jewish, they’re family either died in the holocaust, were escapees Iraq or the inquisition. We’ve decided to admit this and move on. We’ll now assume everyone is Jewish and look into more exciting aspects of their history.

The Jewish Chronicle has stated in response to the BBC admission that if the show stops covering Jewish heritage, it will have nothing left to write about apart from antisemitism. Stephen Pollocks, Editor the of the Jewish Chronicle told us: “Finding new Jewish is a Jewish Sport. Without a constant flow of hidden Jews, our newspaper would only have 12 pages. It would boil down to bar/bat mitzvah kids photos, hatches, matches and despatches and articles about how Jeremy Corbyn is the spawn of Satan.”

The BBC, for its part, wants to acknowledge the role of Judaism in the history of the programme. Ms Tree tells us they’re considering renaming the programme “Who Jew you think you are?”

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