Top 10 things you didn’t care about celebrities you’ve vaguely heard of

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You’re not going to believe these mad facts we have about people you don’t care about or have never heard of.

Number 10: A celebrity is gay! Wow, that’s a shocker. It’s so important to know the sexual orientation of famous people!!!

Number 9: The Queen’s corgi once barked at Camilla – fuck yeah! That bitch was taking no shit.

Number 8: PM Boris’s name, Boris is not English in origin – Take that Brexit!!!

Number 7: Love Island contestants are sometimes faking it. Yeah, even their tans aren’t always real!!!

Number 6: George Michael and Michael Jackson knew each other. Oh wow, imagine that. Those meetings must have been wild.

Number 5: Some famous model dies her hair!!! Wow, didn’t see that coming.

Number 4: Some TV woman put on weight!!?!>?!@?>! Front page news

Number 3: A rich famous person was rude to staff!!! No way, I thought rich people were nice folk!

Number 2: Random Footballer has a hot girlfriend!?!?! OMG, let’s click here for photos.

Number 1: These clickbait articles work because you’re all stupid sheeples!

Yeah, you got it!

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