New Star Trek series to be set in retirement home

Following the success of Star Trek: Picard, the new show streaming on CBS All Access and Amazon Prime. Executive Producer Alex Kurtzman has announced a new Star Trek show to air next year to be set in the dementia ward of a retirement home.

Mr Kurtzman told The Daily Jews that the 94-year-old Jean Luc Picard resonated so well with the audience that they decided to take it one step further. “Picard is roaming around his vineyard looking lost and confused for the first few episodes, we thought it was a risky decision, but the audience seems to love it.”

The new show, Star Trek: Elderly, will examine former Starfleet officers losing their cognitive facilities and having to have their diapers changed. Rumours are that the remaining original series actors Walter Koenig (Chekov) and Nichelle Nicholes (Uhura) will reprise their roles. Filming will take place in their real-life nursing home’s.

William Shatner, whose character, James T Kirk, died in the film Star Trek: Generations will be playing the ghost of Kirk who only Checkov and Uhura can see. Meanwhile, their careers think they’ve lost their minds, and maybe they have?

The new show premiers on Hulu next year so that you need yet another streaming subscription to watch Star Trek.

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