Brexit supporter wondering why foreigners are still here after 31st Jan

A Brexit supporter from York is in shock after realising that his Polish neighbours haven’t left the UK following Britains exit from the EU on 31st Jan.

Dave McMac, 37, from York whose parents were born in Ireland is “gutted” that Brexit doesn’t mean Brexit. He told the Daily Jews that he voted Brexit to get rid of the foreginers. “I’m not racist or anything, but why are they still here? he asked our reporter.”

Mr McMac has been unemployed since 1999 is hoping to get a job as a plumber although he has no training. “I figured the foreigners would stop taking our jobs so I might become a Plumber or maybe web developer”.

In the meantime, he is hoping to set up a company to sell EU flags for the purposes of burning. “Too many EU flags are non-flammable,” he told us. “I’m hoping my new flag company which makes EU flags laced with petrol will sell well. I’m just waiting for them to be imported from France.”

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