Jeremy Corbyn appoints Jackie Walker as Rabbinic advisor

In the wake of Labours latest antisemitism scandal relating to Jew-baiter, Chris Williamson being handed back the whip, party Leader Jeremy Corbyn has announced he is cracking down on antisemitism by appointing Jackie Walker as Rabbinic advisor to the party.

Ms Walker was recently conferred with Rabbinic ordination by a Jewish ‘court’ made up of Jenny Mason, Gilad Atzmon & Tony Greenstein.  She will now act as community Rabbi for Jewish Voice for Labour and conduct services at their annual Jewmas festival event which is held each year on Christmas Day.

Ms Walker said: “my deep understanding of Jewish stuff and being a Jew and things make me uniquely qualified for this position.  I’ve studied Judaism for days now and of course, I have Jewish ancestors. I look forward to performing all the rituals such as Baptisms, Blessing the pork and making Jewish Bread for the Sunday Sabbath”.

Mr Corbyn is determined to route out antisemitism from the party which has blighted his leadership, he told the Daily Jews “With Jackie on board, I can’t see anything going wrong, she has all the qualities needed to make sure my good friend Chris Williamson keeps his mouth shut, also it’s worth remembering what the Jews are doing to the Palestinians”.

A spokesperson from the Labour party told us: “The Labour party takes all complaints of anti-semitism and witch-hate extremely seriously and we are committed to challenging and campaigning against it in all its forms.”

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