Rise in antisemitism down to Jews complaining

Caption: even Simon Sharma has had enough already with the enough already people

UK antisemitism monitoring charity, CST, has released figures for the first half of 2019. They show a 10% increase in reported antisemitism compared to the same period last year.

Dovid Palwin, spokesperson for the charity ‘Enough Already with Antisemitism’ told the Daily Jews: “If Jews didn’t complain so much, there wouldn’t be so much antisemitism”.

Mr Palwin, whose charity complains against complaints of antisemitism, told us he’s fed up with hearing about all the complaining in the media. “Every time I turn on the radio, the TV, or open a newspaper, a Jew is complaining. You’d think we matter or something.

I don’t know any goyim myself, but they must be getting fed up of us. If we all quietened down a bit and let them spout Jew-hate without making us fuss, things would get better.”

We asked Mr Palwin how the community should handle allegations of antisemitism in the Labour party. He told us: “If Corbyn wanted us dead, we’d all be dead by now. Let’s leave them all alone. Worst comes to the worst they get into government and start enacting Nazi-era laws. We survived last time”.

We contacted the organisation ‘Enough Already of Enough already with Antisemitism. A spokesperson told us “We’ve had enough already with enough already for antisemitism. Already.

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