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Daily Jews launch new logo

After six months in development and nearly $10m spent on the project the Daily Jews, today launched it’s new logo to the world. We asked the editor of the Daily News what he thought of the new logo “Well… It’s OK” he told us.   The logo design was inspired by the image of Jewish comedian […]


Why did you become vegan?

A question that vegans never get asked is: ‘Why did you become vegan?’ So the Daily Jews decided to interview a bunch of vegans for you and here’s what they told us: Shiela, a fashion designer from Hackney: “Animals are ugly, I don’t eat ugly” Kent, an artist from Chelsea: “So I can be all […]


Rise in antisemitism down to Jews complaining

Caption: even Simon Sharma has had enough already with the enough already people UK antisemitism monitoring charity, CST, has released figures for the first half of 2019. They show a 10% increase in reported antisemitism compared to the same period last year. Dovid Palwin, spokesperson for the charity ‘Enough Already with Antisemitism’ told the Daily […]

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