Hair fetishist Hairdresser wins award

Dandy Footloose (33), a hairdresser from Sutton, has won an award for hairdressing innovation.

In an extensive interview with the Daily Jews, Mr Footloose explained to us how he decided to become a hairdresser when he was 16 after realising he was sexually attracted to hair. “It started when my friend Andre asked me to shave his hair off. I got hold of the shaver, and place my hand on his head, and I immediately got a large boner.

At first, I thought I was attracted to him, but after having sex with him, I realised it was just his hair.”

Mr Footloose went on to train as a hairdresser. He was so good people would come for miles around to have them cut his hair.

“I applied to a prestigious hair salon to train under them, just sweeping up the hair from the floor made me horny.

After a few years, I became a top hairdresser in South London. I was known for having an erection while cutting hair, but this didn’t bother most clients.”

We asked Mr Footloose to tell us about the innovation he developed, which led him to win the award.

“It was three years ago that I realised my permanently hard penis could be useful for my job. I started using it to hang scissors on, and eventually, I would use it as a third limb to rub in the shampoo when washing hair.”

The new technique that Mr Footloose pioneered is now being franchised and rolled out to other hair salons.

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