Labour expels holocaust denier David Irving 17 years after suspending him on antisemitism grounds

Labour party chairman Ian Lavery has hailed the National Executive Committee’s decision to swiftly expel David Irving from the Labour party only 17 years after having first suspended him for Holocaust denial.  Mr Lavery who is MP for Wansbeck and a key ally of party leader Jeremy Corbyn has issued a statement saying “I’m extremely pleased to see the measures we’ve put in place are now leading to swift action against all forms of racism, even antisemitism, by members of the Labour party.”

According to the independent watchdog, Labour friends of Corbyn, the average time it takes to conclude a reported case of antisemitism has now dropped from 44 years, before current general secretary of the Labour Party, Jennie Formby took her position, to 37 years as of the date of this publication.

Mrs Formby recently outlined a major hiring policy that has been implemented under her watch “we have now hired an expert in antisemitism, an elder gentleman originally from Germany but he’s moved here from Argentina to oversee our complaints department.”  Adolf Rauff, who is apparently 97 years old, is claimed to have a unique insight into the problems facing the Labour party having overseen similar issues in his previous career.

Having quickly dealt with the case of Mr Ivring, the Labour party are hoping they will escape sanctions imposed by the EHRC who are currently investigating the party for alleged institutional antisemitism.
When we contacted the Labour party of comment on this article a spokesperson replied: “The Labour party takes all complaints of anti-semitism extremely seriously and we are committed to challenging and campaigning against it in all its forms.”

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