Fact Check: Jeremy Corbyn says ‘there isn’t an antisemitic bone in my body’

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn was recently quoted as saying ‘there isn’t an antisemitic bone in my body’. We decided to fact check this statement.

True:  We did some research and it turns out that all of Mr Corybn’s bones were replaced a number of years ago with a titanium alloy.  Therefore technically the Labour leader has no bones in his body.

However, further research revealed what could be the source of Labour’s antisemitism crisis.  Mr Corbyn’s Titanium replacement bones were strengthened with a new element called kikeanium. Kikeanium allow the Titanium to be a low more flexible, almost working like real bone but some known side effects can include:

  1. Inability to recognise antisemitism
  2. Thinking antisemites are lovely peace loving people and calling them friends
  3. The illusion of being present at events but not involved

Another side effect can be straddling both sides of major policy decision to the point where know one knows if you’re for or against it.

Experts say the Hungarian Prime Minister Victor Orban, among others may have undergone a similar procedure.  However when asked to comment, President Trump’s spokesman confirmed he… ‘hadn’t had the procedure, he’s just naturally racist’.

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