Panorama programme is ‘hatchet job’ say thousands who haven’t seen it.

Thousands of Jeremy Corbyn supporters today branded the as yet unaired Panorama programme on Labour antisemitism a ‘hatchet job’ this morning.

Corbyn supporters were confident that the programme would be full of lies and smears as Jeremy Corbyn doesn’t have an antisemitic bone in his body and the party has, in fact, no problems with antisemitism and has dealt with the issue really well.

Affiliated group Momentum, formed to help get Jeremy Corbyn elected as Labour leader last night held a Séance with the help of Black Magicians for Corbyn. The Séance proved incontrovertibly that tonight’s programme is just “another attempt to smear Corbyn and prevent Britain from becoming a socialist paradise” according to Momentum spokesperson Eva Bollox.

Further coverage of the programme including anticipation from Gnasher Jew and Labour against Antisemitism who have claimed the programme didn’t go far enough and that Corbyn should be jailed will be released today on The Daily Jews including an opinion piece from Satan Rothschild.

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