Clinic for Jewish addictions opens

A clinic for Jewish addictions has opened in Golders Green.

“Enough Already” is an initiative run by JAMI, the Jewish Association for Mechuganes and Investors. Miriam Macaroon, the project’s founder, told the Daily Jews it was her own experience that led her to set up Enough Already.

“As a child, I was abused by my parents, who fed me a diet of extremely high-fat foods. They made me think schmaltz was a dietary supplement. By the time I was 12, I had type II diabetes. They told me all Jews got diabetes when you hit bar/bat-mitzvah age.

One day I forgot to take my packed lunch to school. I almost had a stroke when the dinner ladies served me vegetables.  It was then I realised I was addicted to schmaltz herring.”

The centre caters for more than food addictions. Some of the out-patients have substance addictions.

“I can’t go an hour without taking an antacid” Devorah (not her real name) told us. “It started when I got a high-pressure job and life became more
stressful. Every time I ate or drank something, I got heartburn.  It wasn’t long before I was addicted. One day I drank 24 bottles of Gaviscon. That’s when I realised I needed help.”

Sara Seder (real name) told us she became addicted to Jewish goodbyes.
“I would host people for Shabbos lunch. Then when they wanted to leave, 
I would stand by the front door talking to them for hours.  It got to the point where I would devise strategies to keep them at the door longer.  I learned
to juggle, memorised pi to 500 places and laced my food with cocaine to keep people in the house.  My husband intervened when I offered our Rabbi a blow job if he’d stay another half-an-hour.”

According to Mrs Macaroon, not everyone who visits the clinic has a  genuine problem.  “A man came to see me last week. He said he was addicted to acquiring money.  I told him not to waste my time. That’s just being Jewish.

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