Gerrer Rebbe: “Halloween is Jewish”

A top Chassidic Rebbe has declared Halloween a Jewish festival after discovering a Sefer (document) describing how Moshe Rabbeinu (Moses) would dress up as a Witch and scare local children when B’nai Yisrael (the children of Israel) was wandering the desert.

The newly discovered tome shows how the younger children of Israel would ask for a shtikl of treatlech when knocking on neighbours doors.

The Gerrer Rebbe – Yaakov Arieh Alter – wrote in a statement:

“Moishe Rabbeinu had a fetish for fancy dress so he made a takana (enactment) that one day a year on the last day of Cheshvan (traditionally thought to contain no festivals), he would get dressed up and get freaky.

The goyim then stole chag (holiday) and turned it into some kind of perverted festival.

Yidden should celebrate the festival by saying Hallel (prayers of praise) in the morning and then dress up like lunatic in the evening. I’m calling it Purim Katan”

However, the Rebbe’s cousin who recently split off from the Chassidic sect has challenged the ruling saying that: “Haloween is asur (forbidden), Purim Katan is narishkeit (nonsense) and Alter is a tosser.”

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