Frum Friday – Top 10 chumras from our readers

We asked our extra pious readers what they do to go above and beyond keeping Mitzvot:

  1. Yitzchok – North Hendon: On Shabbat, I don’t go to the toilet thus avoiding tearing toilet roll. I now have bowel cancer
  2. Mirriam – Stamford Hill: I walk around naked on Shabbat to ensure I don’t accidentally carry something outside the eruv
  3. Barry – Golders Green: I don’t trust my kashrut standards, so I live in a Kosher hotel
  4. Betty – Bushy: When I’m Niddah, I live in a Nuclear bunker to avoid touching my husband
  5. Chris – Dagenham: I like chilli with mine
  6. Dovid – Leeds: Bad things were happening to me, so I started checking my mezuzot every day to make sure they’re kosher. Now I have no job, my wife left me, and I’m about to be evicted
  7. Morris Eyin – Stanmore: I used to do my shopping in Tesco’s. I was worried people might think I was there to buy ham sandwiches. I only shop in Kosher Kingdom now.
  8. Dov Bear – Canvey Island: I just need to ask my Rebbe is I can fill this questionnaire out…
  9. Joanna – Borehamwood: I threw away the family microwave in case people thought we had a TV
  10. Nissim Nissim Nissim – Hendon: I wanted to make sure I married a Jew, so I married my first cousin
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