Jeremy Corbyn releases leaflet on antisemitism with personal examples…

Embattled Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, this weekend emailed Labour members with a new five-page leaflet on antisemitism which only took his team four years to write.

In an email linking to the leaflet, Mr Corbyn tells party members “there’s no place for antisemitism in our movement”…  going on to list the various Labour allied groups that allow antisemitism such as Jewish Voice for Labour, The Labour Representation Committee, Labour against the Witch-hunt and other groups that welcome antisemites if you get suspended from Labour.

The Labour Leader also listed several types of antisemitism with examples he has come across personally, including:

“…Crude Jewish-banker stereotypes – like the time that idiot defended the Mear One mural”

“Using Zionism as a switch word for Jews – like the time that guy said Zionists didn’t have a sense of British Irony”

“…one member who appeared to believe that Hitler had been misunderstood, he used to be my best friend and his name starts with Ken”.

“And finally, supporting groups whose stated goals including killing all Jews, like that time some Pratt invited Hezbollah and Hamas to parliament and called them friends.  I think we’ve suspended him now”.

Mr Corbyn told The Daily Jews “We still believe antisemitism is only a tiny problem in the party. In fact, I counted in our office the other day and only a few of us are antisemitic”.

The Daily Jews asked President of the Board of Deputies, Marie Von Trap, what their reaction to the publication was, “Well it took four years but we got there” she told us, “finally we can put to bed this whole sorry saga and get Jeremy elected King of England.”

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