Mourners gather to remember when Jewish Chronicle was good

The controversial group who said the Kaddish prayer for Palestinians killed during the ‘March of Return’ has turned their attentions to the Jewish Chronicle.

Observing that the Journalistic integrity of the newspaper has nosedived over the past few years. The loose-knit group of young Jewish activists will be holding a 24h vigil outside the Golders Green Headquarters of the Jewish Chronicle, during Kol Nidre while eating bacon.

A spokesperson for the group told the Daily Jews the death of impartial and quality journalism in the Jewish community is a great tragedy for the community. “Of course the deaths of Palestinians is awful, but this is far worse. I opened up a copy of the JC recently to read about my friends getting engaged, only to find the newspaper blathering hysterically about how UK Jews were in danger and needed to leave the country. It is just insane”.

Another member of the group told us the JC will now oppose anything the Labour party does even on the odd occasion they get things right.

“Despite the fact that tens of Rabbi’s of all denominations linked Climate Change to Rosh Hashanah in their sermons this year, the Jewish Chronicle decided that it’s wrong to do so just because Jeremy Corbyn did so in his Rosh Hashanah video. What next, the sky is actually Yellow because Corbyn says it’s Blue?”

Stephen Pollacks, the editor of the Jewish Chronicle, rejected the criticism, he told us the newspaper had the utmost integrity. “My years of working on the Daily Express were formative in my construction of journalistic standards. When I joined the Jewish Chronicle, things needed shaking up. Now I run a tight ship where salaciousness and hyperbole are sacrosanct. Sorry, I need to go now to edit a fantastic story about how Victor Orban supports Israel so can’t be antisemitic.”

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