Exclusive: PM Johnson using BroigusApp

The Daily Jews can exclusively reveal that Boris Johnson is using BroigusApp, furiously. He has added 21 recently fired Tory MP’s as well as his younger brother Jo to his Broigus list.  His watchlist for potential broigus includes a large number of his remaining remain supporting MP’s.

A spokesperson for Broigus App told us “We’re delighted to announce the entire XXX family have upgraded to Broigus App Pro.   Due to GDPR concerns, we’re unable to release the names of the users but we can say that one of the users lives in Downing Street, London”

BroigusApp Pro users are able to track their Broigus’s locations so that they avoid being within 100 meters of them.  This will be difficult until the general election as Boris’ brother Jo is planning to spend some time in Parliament before he steps down.

Stephen Pollacks, community commentator and editor of the Jewish Chronicle told us “Boris’s commitment to broigus further shows his affinity with the Jewish community and is another reason why we should all back him in the next general election”.

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