Spurs consult fans on best word to slur Jews

Tottenham Hotspur football club has today launched a consultation with fans to decide which is the best racial insult to use against Jews. Historically Spurs have been known as the Yids or Yiddos.

In recent years this slur has become dull and worn-out, so the club is reaching out to fans to look for replacements.

Some suggested replacements include:

Kike(s) – although this slur does appear in the Oxford English dictionary, it has relatively little traction outside of the USA

Zio(s) – some Jeremy Corbyn fans have suggested that the term Zio become used. It has become used often by the hard left community to mean dirty Jew and could, therefore, be a suitable replacement.

Shylock – is a slur based on Shakespears famously antisemitic play, The Merchant of Venice. It is generally unpopular as it has two syllables which makes it hard for Spurs fans to remember.

Other words in the mix are Heeb & Hymie. Fans have been encouraged to submit their ideas and even make up new offensive words for Jews.

It’s possible that the club will be unable to find a suitable replacement and will stick to Yid/Yiddo.

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