Hamodia to employ AI to allow photos of women (transformed into men) to be published in their newspaper

Haredi women dancing (example of the AI tech)

(photo: Haredi women altered to look like men, dancing in Jerusalem).

International Haredi newspaper, Hamodia, has started showing photographs of women for the first time, thanks to modern technology which makes them look like men.

The newspaper which is widely read in the Haredi world told us they had listened to complaints of sexism levelled against them and remedied the situation thanks to modern technology.  Editor Shlomo Gertzman told The Daily Jews, “some people have called us women-haters, chas v’shalom, thanks to technology we’re now able to show women in their full glory, as men, in our newspaper”.

Mr Gertzman explained that the Haredi world actually prioritises women, “we make our women stay at home looking after the 12 children and cleaning the house so that they don’t need to sweat it out over a gemara all day, it’s actually very liberating for them”.

He went on to tell us “The reformers in the United Synagogue make their women go to Shul, even giving them roles in the Synagogue which is a real burden for these women, how are they meant to prepare for Shobbos if they’re busy being Chair of their Shul and such like”.

Asked how they came about this technology Mr Gertzman told us, “a goyishe friend of mine who is a Dayan on the Federation Beis Din, showed me something on his telephone called FaceApp which makes his face look older on Facebook (Yimach shemo), I realised this could be used to improve, I mean to change the photos of women to look like men”.

One leading posek from Stamford Hill speculated that this may allow Haredi men to masturbate over the altered photos of women, as long as they don’t ejaculate.

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